Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q. How do you get such great rates?

    Because we combine our shipping volume with literally thousands of shippers around the world, the world’s best carriers, such as DHL, give us exceptional discounts. It’s like joining a buying club. Everyone’s volume combines to give us great rates, which we simply pass on to you.

  2. Q. Do you pick up my shipments?

    No. We simply provide you with a discounted account number, and give you great rates and exceptional customer service. Our carriers are the experts at actually shipping your products. They will pick it up and deliver it to your destination.

  3. Q. Why don’t I just setup an account directly with DHL™?

    Because of our purchasing power, we are able to negotiate heavily discounted rates and pass on the savings to our customers. If you went directly to DHL or any other carrier, it is unlikely that you would receive the discounts that InXpress can provide you, regardless of your volume.


  4. Q. We have great rates with FedEx™ or UPS™. Can you beat them?

    Nearly every time. Even shippers that receive 50-60% discounts off published UPS or Fedex rates will save money with InXpress. Just give us a call and we will be happy to do a rate comparison for you.

  5. Q. How quickly can I start shipping with my new rates?

    We can get you a discounted DHL account number within a few days, and have you shipping within a week. There’s nothing to it?

  6. Q. How do I pay for shipping my package?

    When you set up an account, you tell us how you would like to pay for the shipment. You can use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.

  7. Q. Do you provide shipping software?

    InXpress will provide you with a user name and password for its easy-to-use, on-line shipping software. It creates your label and your commercial invoice for you, and you can have your international shipment out the door in a matter of a couple of minutes. We constantly receive feedback that it is the easiest international shipping software available.

  8. Q. Is there any cost to your service?

    With InXpress, you only pay for the cost of your shipment. There is no sign-up fee. There are no ongoing fees. In fact, when you receive a DHL account number through InXpress, they even waive the pickup fees. All you do is save money.

  9. Q. How do you compare to the Post Office?

    Our discounted rates are very comparable to Post Office rates. However, there are some significant differences:

    1. First of all, DHL will deliver your package anywhere in the world in 2-3 days. The post office will deliver your package in about 3 weeks.
    2. DHL is fully trackable until it reaches your recipient. The Post Office can only track your package until it leaves the United States.
    3. The Post Office has a much higher package loss rate. DHL’s is almost non-existent.


  10. Q. How do I make sure I get great rates on my imports?

    When we submit your information to DHL, they will give you a discounted import number, as well as an export number. Imports are extremely easy, because all you do is provide your import account number to the shipper, and have them ship it on DHL using your import account number. That way, the package arrives in 2-3 days, and YOU control the cost. Shipping no longer becomes a profit center for your manufacturer and you save money. Nothing could be easier.